HLC Accreditation

Riverland Community College has been accredited by the Higher Learning Commission (HLC) since 1971.  HLC accredits degree-granting post-secondary educational institutions in the North Central region of the United States and conducts a Comprehensive Quality Review (CQR) every eight years. Riverland participates in the AQIP Pathway for maintaining accreditation with HLC.  It is focused on quality assurance and institutional improvement, but with an added emphasis on helping institutions achieve continuous quality improvement.   Riverland’s next review is scheduled for April 25 – 27, 2016, with a campus visit by the Commission's Evaluation Team.  

The Comprehensive Quality Review (CQR)

Peer Review

On April 25017, 2016, a three person peer review team from the Higher Learning Commission will visit Riverland Community College. Peer review in accreditation is based on the fundamental assumption that quality in higher education is best served through a process that enables peers of the institution, informed by standards created and applied by professionals in higher education, to make the judgments essential to assuring and advancing the quality of higher learning.  

HLC Peer Review Team:

Team Chair: Chandra Arthur-Dull, Assistant Professor Cuyahoga Community College

Dr. Cheryl Ann Carpenter-Davis, Dean of Instruction Metropolitan Community College

Dr. Deborah Loper, Vice President of Institutional Effectiveness Colorado Mountain College

Before the Visit

Prior to visiting Riverland, the peer review team will spend several weeks carefully reviewing the  AQIP Portfolio and identifying people and groups with whom they want to meet while on campus. In addition to the materials provided by Riverland, the peer review team will also read any comments submitted to the HLC through the Third-Party Comment process and results of a survey the HLC administers to students six weeks prior to the campus visit.

During the Visit

While on campus, the peer review team will likely spend time visiting various programs and departments, observing, and meeting with individuals and groups (including open forums with faculty, staff, and students).

After the Visit

Several weeks after the campus visit, the peer review team will prepare a draft report, which will be sent to Riverland to review and correct any errors of fact. The team will then prepare a final report of its findings and recommendations for the reaffirmation of accreditation status. Riverland will receive a copy of this report and have an opportunity to provide a formal written response to the HLC. This response will become part of the official record of the evaluation. The HLC will review the final report and Riverland’s response and notify Riverland in writing when the review process is completed and final action by the HLC has been determined.

Accreditation Documents