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Darian Montplaisir
Learning Specialist
All Campuses
RiverGuide Supplemental Instruction

Job Title

RCC Student RiverGuide

Work Type

Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday

10 Hours per week


Student RiverGuide will assist students individually or in small groups to understand course content and become more confident learners. Applicants must be strong students who have successfully completed courses they want to RiverGuide, with the desire and ability to sustain knowledge and shills required in those courses. RiverGuides receive paid training, guidance, and ongoing support form supervisory staff. Applicants must possess basic computer skills, excellent interpersonal, verbal, and written communication skills, and a genuine desire to help other students succeed. They must also be able to manage time and organize work effectively.


RCC Student RiverGuide must maintain satisfactory academic progress and standards for appropriate student conduct as described in the RCC Student Conduct Handbook. RCC Student RiverGuide must also fulfill all RCC RiverGuide program training requirements and communication standards. RiverGuides are fully informed of and required to uphold Riverland's confidentiality policies and RCC RiverGuide Program policies and procedures.

How to Apply

E-mail: Darian Montplaisir at