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Penny Rosenthal
Interim Director Accessibility Services
Austin East
Accessibility Services

Job Title

Success Coach

Work Type

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

5 Hours per week


The focus of the Success Coach work is supporting students throughout their time at Riverland and preparing them for the next stage of their lives. A Success Coach helps students achieve academic, career, and personal goals by cultivating: *Goody study habits *Teaching effective study skills *Supporting student integration into the college community *Development time management abilities *Supportive rapport and trust between SC and student *Other needs that emerge during semester.


*Develop and maintain a connection with students *Help students identify and implement success strategies specific to each course *Meet with students regularly one or more times a week with follow-up communication via text, email, or phone calls to address students' questions, concerns & needs *Assist students in overcoming obstacles that may impede students' success *Help students explore campus activity and group opportunities to help integrate student into the Riverland community *Introduce the student to students, student group leaders, library staff, bookstore staff, Tutoring staff, etc. *Monitor student progress and provide guidance as needed *Refer students to campus resources as appropriate

How to Apply

E-mail: Penny Rosenthal at