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Derek Hahn
Men's Basketball Coach
Austin East

Job Title

Men's Basketball Workers

Work Type

Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday

10-15 hrs per week Hours per week


Before and after practice or game day tasks. Scoreboard and shot clock brought out to the court and set up ready to go. Two water jugs and twelve water bottles prepared with ice/water. Iodine and soap cleaning daily. Towels position and washed daily. Sweeping of floor pre and post practice. Pads, bands, guns brought out and positioned daily. Film set up and recorded daily. Boards and markers brought out. All doors locked upon departure.


These tasks will be completed Monday-Saturday before/after practice. All tasks should be completed twenty minutes before practice and right at the completion of practice or game day. Students will have a clear understanding of tasks and how to complete them properly

How to Apply

E-mail: Derek Hahn at