Graduate Follow Up

Riverland Community College is required by Minnesota State Colleges and Universities to follow-up with all graduates to determine whether they are continuing their education or have found employment in their field within twelve months of completing their degree, diploma, or certificate. The information we collect includes location of employment or transfer, whether employment is related or unrelated to program in which the student graduated in, and wage or salary information.

The information gathered will be used to compile Riverland Community College's annual Placement reports. The results of these reports are used in the continuous improvement of our programs, and will be shared with students to help them select their program of study. Please know that your opinion is very important, and you can be rest assured that your name will remain anonymous.

Please watch your e-mail in the coming weeks regarding a Graduate Follow-Up Survey that needs to be completed.

Your responses to the survey will be used to help assess the impact of your education on your current employment and continuing education, as well as inform our current students about what our graduates are doing and their achievements