Series 4: Human Resource

Specifically relating to college personnel (i.e., code of ethics, data privacy, fair labor standards, etc.)

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College # Policy Title System # Procedure
4.35 Accessing Public Information    
  Appropriate Use of Electronic Communication and Technology    
4.4F Class Cancellation      
  Code of Ethics in State Government    
  Data Privacy for Employees    
4.20 Direct Deposit      
4.21 Dress Guidelines      
4.8 Emeritus Status Policy & Nomination Form 4.8  
  Employee Disclosure/Data Privacy Information    
4.22 Employee Fundraising Activities and Other Charitable Causes On Campus      
4.24 Faculty Evaluation    

4.24.1 Faculty Evaluation Procedure  

4.24.2 Student Course Surveys  

  Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) Policy for Employees    
4.25 Family Medical Leave Act    
  Identify Theft Prevention Program    
4.34 Lactation and Breastfeeding Support Policy    
  Media Procedures for Employees    
4.10 Nepotism 4.10  
  Records Retention Schedule    
4.6 Re-Employment of Early Retirees 4.6  
4.7 Sabbatical Leaves 4.7  
4.27 Sick Leave     Sick Leave Procedure  
4.28 Social Media Policy for Employees      
4.29 Staff Development Policy     Procedure  
  Student Affairs Vacation      
4.5 Student Employment    
4.30 Student Directory Information Available to the Public    
4.38 Telecommuting Policy & Agreement Form      
4.33 Tuition Waiver Policy (Employees)      
4.0 Volunteer Policy 4.0.1  
4.4 Weather Related School Closing