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Olle Gladso

Olle Gladso

Olle Gladso

About Olle

I come with diverse and varied experience from many different fields which I have incorporated in to my role as facilitator of student learning. I believe that my role is more of a mentor and coach for the students than as a traditional teacher. Having worked in proprietary schools before coming to Riverland, I firmly believe in the community college's role and function in local communities. I believe that we cannot solve today's transportation related problems such as resource usage and pollution using yesterday's technology and I am a strong proponent of newer technologies such as electric vehicles. To learn about these newer technologies, I have converted an older internal combustion engine vehicle to pure electric propulsion and I have other electric vehicle projects in the works. Being a strong believer in sharing knowledge I have written and co-authored several articles for trade magazines involving unique diagnostic methods and equipment as well as how to effectively and efficiently use them. Following the belief that knowledge should be shared I am a frequent contributor to websites for professional technicians such as IATN (International Automotive Technicians Network).

Phone: 507-379-3347
E-mail: Olle.Gladso@riverland.edu
Department: Automotive Services
Job Title: Faculty

Area(s) of Expertise

  • Automotive technology

  • Electronics

  • Computers

  • Linux

Professional Associations

  • ASE

  • iATN

Volunteer and Community Service Activities

  • Volunteering for the Eddie Cochran Car Show

  • Masons

  • Volunteers at Freeborn County Humane Society

Awards and Honors

  • Teacher of the year from Wyotech

  • Several Teacher of the semester awards

Student Instructional Activities

  • Skills USA

More about Olle Gladso

I believe in free and open source software and all my personal computers run Linux.

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