New PSEO Students - Getting Started!

Meet with your high school counselor and complete each of the following:

  1. Apply Online for admission to Riverland if you have not already done so. There is no cost to apply!
  2. Notice of Student Registration Form and PSEO Planning Guide
    *Students need to submit two copies of these forms at time of application, one for Fall semester and one for Spring semester.
  3. Have your High School submit a copy of your transcript and assessment scores to Riverland's PSEO Coordinator below.
  4. Submit all completed paperwork to Riverland via mail or email. Please email paperwork to: 
              Riverland Community College
                           Attn: PSEO Processor  
                           1900 8th Ave NW
                           Austin, MN 55912 

Riverland will email each student with additional instructions detailing the process of enrollment once these essential forms are received.

PSEO Application & Paperwork Deadlines

Spring 2024 - December 22nd

Fall 2024 - August 16th

Spring 2025 - December 30th

"PSEO Paperwork" includes the completion and submission of all the above steps by the posted deadlines. All paperwork postmarked after the final deadlines will not receive priority registration and therefore have limited course options for that semester. Students who miss the final deadline will only be allowed to attend a PSEO Registration Session held in the first few weeks prior to start of Fall and Spring semesters. 

*Riverland Community College reserves the right to not allow a high school student to register for classes if not college ready.