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Nursing Assistant / Home Health Aide

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Starting Fall Semester the Nursing Assistant program will be offered by Customized Training.

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This 4 credit course provides students with the theory and laboratory experience to meet state and federal criteria for employment as a nursing assistant in various healthcare settings. Completion of this course enables the student to take the Nurse Aide Competency Evaluation. After successfully completing the competency evaluation, the student will be placed on the Minnesota Nursing Assistant Registry. This course emphasizes the role of the nursing assistant and home health aide as a valuable member of any health care team. This course introduces concepts of basic human needs, acquaints students with the philosophy of home health and teaches basic nursing skills that will be demonstrated and practiced in the laboratory setting. This course focuses on personal care, nutrition/feeding, elimination, clean and safe environment, communication, vital signs, body mechanics, death and dying, and principles related to various healthcare settings including acute care, long term care or home health care. This course meets application requirements for the Riverland Community College nursing program.

Accessibility Services

Riverland Community College is committed to assuring that all educational activities are free from discrimination and harassment based on disability status. Students requesting accommodations for a documented disability are required to work directly with staff in Accessibility Services (AS) to establish eligibility and learn about related processes before accommodations will be identified.  

Students enrolled are encouraged to contact Accessibility Services prior to the first week of class, but especially when enrolled in short and/or condensed courses to ensure accommodations are in place. It is recommended that students learn what types of Documentation are needed for accommodations and have the appropriate forms ready for review before classes start. Reasonable accommodations are not retroactive in nature, so plan ahead to be successful. 

Accessibility Services staff can be reached by e-mail at?, or by calling (507) 433-0646 or (507) 433-0698.   



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Last Updated: June 9, 2016

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