Program Fees and Tuition Costs for Massage Therapy at Riverland Community College - Riverland

Massage Therapy

We work hard to keep the cost of books from being prohibitive. Many of your texts will be used in more than one massage class. Our courses build upon each other and skills learned in one area always transfer and link to all other program areas, thus making the books pertinent to several courses. In several of your courses, the homework includes performing a certain number of massages outside the classroom. Massage tables will be ordered for your purchase at the beginning of the year and these are then yours to keep after graduation.

Estimated Tuition


27 Credits @ $203.37

Cost estimate: $450


Additional fees of approximately $850.00 for massage program package.  Two sets of twin-size flannel sheets (labeled) is required.  If student has their own massage table, they may be able to avoid the fee - please discuss with the program director. 


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