Program and Graduate Outcomes for Massage Therapy at Riverland Community College - Riverland

Massage Therapy

Program Graduate Outcomes

Upon completion of this program, the graduate will:

  • Demonstrate proficiency in basic human anatomy, muscle movement and body responses relative to homeostasis, with awareness of pathological conditions and diverse contraindications for age/body and development/decline for each stage of life, in order to create and apply appropriate massage techniques.
  • Recognize and identify social and behavioral components affecting the health and well-being of both clients and therapists, including psychological challenges, physical and mental health, stressors, personality types, attitudes, beliefs, and coping techniques/ armoring.
  • Consistently demonstrate professionalism, responsibility and maintenance of high ethical standards relative to all professional interactions; be accountable and able to defend all decisions based on ethics, standards, and scope of practice.
  • Demonstrate proficiency with proper draping and positioning, with the ability to alter these techniques based on diversity and needs of individual clients.
  • Understand and utilize proper medical terminology for ongoing documentation and assessment of client status.
  • Utilize proper body mechanics, hygiene/cleanliness standards, (personal and environmental), and equipment usage to ensure both client and therapist safety and to maintain a successful therapeutic environment with appropriate care and consideration applied to all persons equally.
  • Understand business legalities and abide by city, state, and federal rules/regulations/tax guidelines pertaining to the massage profession, whether working as a sole proprietor or in an employer/employee business arrangement.
  • Understand the necessity for membership(s) in reputable massage organizations that assess and recognize massage therapists with appropriate and sufficient educational proficiencies and that provide insurance coverage to those who meet criteria.