Be Your Best / College Prep Academy

The Be Your Best College Prep Academy is a free program for teens and young adults between the ages of 16 and 22. At Be Your Best, students have the opportunity to prepare for college by taking pre-college Math, Reading, and Writing.

Students receive guidance and support through dedicated instructors, advisors, counselors and tutors. Students will also benefit from the educational seminars designed for college success and participate in leadership, volunteer and educational activities and field trips throughout the summer.

What We Do

  • We establish a learning community where students learn, study and explore together
  • We provide support through dedicated instructors,advisors, counselors and tutors
  • We enjoy fun out-of-class activities and events to reinforce learning
  • We engage in volunteer activities to benefit students and the community
  • We work together to set personal and career goals 

How We Grow / Graduates of Be Your Best have:

  • Improved reading, writing, math, communication, and study skills
  • Increased confidence, leadership skills and motivation for college
  • Identified their learning style
  • Developed education and career plans
  • Experienced college life and are able to access campus resources
  • Become involved in their community