Truck Driving

Certificate, 22 Credits

PROGRAM STARTS: Austin: August & March
COURSE PLAN: 16-weeks

Would you like to shift your career into high gear?

The Riverland Truck Driving Program is a member of the National Association of Publicly Funded Truck Driving Schools

Picture yourself on the open road in control of a big rig. Our top-rated Truck Driving program can put you in the drivers' seat. This 16-week Riverland program has a reputation of providing "first-rate" hands-on and classroom training for careers in the transportation industry. The winning combination of our highly-qualified instructors and small class sizes mean you get plenty of one-on-one attention while learning all the required operating techniques, procedures and regulations. Learn defensive driving, safety and proper operating techniques without having to pay high costs of a for-profit driving school. Riverland students gain practical experience by driving in city and rural situations as part of course requirements. This includes driving conventional tractors and pulling loaded and empty vans and flatbed trailers. The appropriate class of license will be issued to each individual upon completion.

Students also develop skills and experience during paid internships with area motor carriers who become prospective employers.

Employment Outlook

Typical Work Tasks


People who work in this career often:

  • Follow safety procedures for vehicle operation.
  • Operate vehicles or material-moving equipment.
  • Inspect cargo areas for cleanliness or condition.
  • Inspect motor vehicles.
  • Monitor cargo area conditions.
  • Read maps to determine routes.
  • Review work orders or schedules to determine operations or procedures.
  • Operate communications equipment or systems.
  • Choose optimal transportation routes or speeds.
  • Notify others of emergencies, problems, or hazards.

    Good drivers are in demand and our students gain valuable experience during paid internships that often lead to real jobs. Few occupations offer more opportunity after such a short training period. Trucking is one of the largest industries in America today, employing short and long haul drivers. Minnesota trucking organizations report a definite driver shortage and truck driving is one of the top 20 occupations with the largest projected employment growth in the state. Long distance truck drivers can expect an average first year salary between $30,000 and $35,000 and over $40,000 the second year.

    Good jobs are also available in safety supervision, dispatching, and management. Nearly one in 10 drivers is self-employed and operates independently or leases their services to a trucking company. Many companies offer increased benefits and pay to keep good drivers. Modern, well-equipped trucks with options like air conditioning, air-ride suspension, air-ride cabs, and satellite communications are the standard in driver convenience and comfort. Trucking industry wages are well above the national average and rewarding placement opportunities await Riverland graduates.


    In Minnesota, there are 33,630 workers employed in this very large career.

    Where do Heavy and Tractor-Trailer Truck Drivers most often work?


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    Partnerships with Riverland Truck Driving Program

    Norsemen was founded in 1979, by David E. Steffens with two trucks. Originally based out of Waseca, MN Norsemen expanded its operations to Lake Mills, IA in 1987. Lake Mills is now the Corporate headquarters. In 2002 David sold the company to two of his son’s. David A. Steffens and Jay Steffens. Since then David and Jay have expanded Norsemen Trucking into a complete Logistics Company. David owns and operates Norsemen Trucking and together he and Jay own and operate Norsemen Transportation and Norsemen Specialized.

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    This snowplow equipment adds depth to a strong truck driving program that offers hands-on and classroom training for careers in the transportation industry. The equipment gives the students in the program additional exposure to equipment used in the field and provides them a greater range of experiences prior to seeking employment.

    MnDOT, in turn, will work with Riverland to help students learn about careers at MnDOT, as it continues to build a strong and diverse talent pool of employees.


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    Last Updated: April 24, 2016

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