Computed Tomography

Certificate, 9 Credits

AVAILABLE IN: Austin, Online Course(s)
COURSE PLAN: Two Semesters

Computerized Tomography (CT) is a branch of radiology that utilizes specialized radiography equipment to produce sectional images of the human anatomy. This certificate provides the didactic education for radiologic technologists and students wishing to enter the field of computed tomography an opportunity to improve technical knowledge and prepare for the ARRT CT Registry Examination. The program is offered online and can be completed in one semester or on a flexible schedule. If you are looking to enhance your job opportunities or provide yourself with a more satisfying work experience, then this course is for you.

Additional Information

The educational eligibility requirements for certification in mammography, computed tomography, quality management, bone densitometry, cardiac-interventional radiography, vascular-interventional radiography, vascular sonography, breast sonography, or using the post-primary pathway to magnetic resonance imaging or sonography are currently built on experience. Beginning January 1, 2018, candidates for post-primary certification will also be required to complete 16 hours of structured education related to the content specifications for that exam. RADT 2307 Computed Tomography will fulfill the 16 hours of structured education.  The education must meet the same standards as CE activities in that it must be either RCEEM-approved or university-awarded. Structured educational activities that are only state-approved will not satisfy the requirements. Candidates will need to document at least one CE credit or its equivalent of structured education in each certification content category; the remaining hours may be distributed among any categories of the content specifications.

This workforce solution is funded in part through a $12,695,868 Bridges2Healthcare grant from the Department of Labor's Employment & Training Administration.

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Last Updated: March 31, 2017

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