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Derek Hahn
Men's Baseball Coach
Austin East

Job Title

Men's Baseball Workers

Work Type

Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday

10-15 hrs per week Hours per week


Before and after practice or game day tasks. Drag infield dirt with gator before and after all practices - same as with games but in between double header as well. Prepare two water jugs with water bottles ice/water in both. Separate cooler with ice and bags for arm care. Rake baselines before and after all events. Mound care with clay and tamp to fill in holes. Chalk batter's box and baselines. Sweep dugouts home and away as well as remove all trash. Press box responsibilities. Concession stand and bathrooms (toilets - swept - lights off - trash out - locked). Equipment shed items stored away properly and locked.


These tasks will be completed Monday - Sunday before/after practice. All tasks should be completed twenty minutes before practice and right at the completion of practice or game day. Students will have a clear understanding of tasks and how to complete them properly.

How to Apply

E-mail: Derek Hahn at