Pass/No Credit Grading Option

MinnState has made the decision to allow all of our students across the state the ability to request a Pass (P) / No Credit (NC) grade for any or all of your Spring 2020 semester courses.  Courses with Pass (P) or No Credit (NC) grades will be accepted for transfer and admission at all MinnState Universities in the future.   
What is it?
     • A grade of P is considered a passing grade (A, B, C, D).  You will earn course credit with a grade of P.  A grade of P will not be used to calculate your GPA.
     • A grade of NC is not an F. However, a grade of NC will not earn course credit and will not be calculated in your GPA.  It will be counted as an attempted credit towards completion percentage.
How does it work?
     • Faculty in A-F graded courses will continue to grade you on an A-F scale, but if you choose the P/NC option, your A-F grade will be converted to a corresponding “Pass” or “No Credit” grade after the end of the semester.  For most classes, grades of A,B,C, and D will be converted to P grades, and grades of F will be converted to NC grades.