Peace Officer/Public Safety Transfer Pathway


Transfer Pathway

Why study the Peace Officer/Public Safety Transfer Pathway Program at Riverland?

The Peace Officer/Public Safety Transfer Pathway AS offers students a powerful option: the opportunity to complete an Associate of Science degree with course credits that directly transfer to designated Peace Officer/Public Safety bachelor’s degree programs at Minnesota State universities. The curriculum has been specifically designed so that students completing this pathway degree and transferring to one of the seven Minnesota State universities enter the university with junior-year status. All courses in the Transfer Pathway associate degree will directly transfer and apply to the designated bachelor’s degree programs in a related field.

Location: Austin
Program Starts: Fall Semester
Course Plan: 4 Semesters
Faculty: Rich Watkins, AL Shuda

For in-depth information including outcomes, program fees, course descriptions, and more please visit the Peace Officer/Public Safety Transfer Pathway program page at

Required Courses

CRJU1200 Criminal Justice Orientation (Mandatory) 0 CR
CRJU1103 Introduction to Criminal Justice 3 CR
CRJU1130 Human Behavior/Stress Management/Ethics for Criminal Justice 2 CR
CRJU1145 Physical Training and Wellness for Peace Officers 1 CR
CRJU1210 Criminal Justice Career Development 2 CR
CRJU2110 Peace Officer Report Writing 2 CR
CRJU2120 Minnesota State Statutes 3 CR
CRJU2122 Criminal Procedure 3 CR
CRJU2236 Peace Officer and Community I 1.5 CR
CRJU1112 Criminal Investigations 3 CR
CRJU1210 Criminal Justice Career Development 2 CR
CRJU2237 Peace Officer and Community II 1.5 CR
CRJU2202 Juvenile Law and Procedures 3 CR
MN Post Skill Training 12 CR
EMER1210 Emergency Medical Care/First Responder 3 CR

MnTC General Education Courses

ENGL1101 Composition I (Goal 1 & 2) 3 CR
BIOL1050 Introduction to Forensic Science (Goal 2 & 3) 3 CR
PSYC1240 Developmental Psychology (Goal 5 & 9) 3 CR
ENGL1105 Composition II: Research (Goal 1 & 2; Prereq ENGL1101) 3 CR
SOCI2125 Cultural Diversity (Goal 5 & 7) 3 CR
SPCH1200 Interpersonal Communication (Goal 1 & 7) 3 CR
PHIL1130 Ethics (Goal 6 & 9) 3 CR
HUMA2263 Religions of the World (Goal 6 & 8) 3 CR
SOCI1101 Introduction to Sociology (Goal 5 & 7) 3 CR