Do you enjoy problem solving and using technology in a business setting?

Accounting might be your dream job. This highly-respected profession can earn well-deserved prestige and public confidence. People rely on accountants to examine, analyze, and interpret accounting data for the purpose of giving advice and preparing financial statements. Accountants also perform many other tasks vital to management such as preparing state and federal tax returns, and other reports. Responsibilities may also be in business management areas such as budgeting and controlling costs. Accountants perform duties manually and with computer assistance. The use of technology helps teach accounting skills while gaining the computer expertise required to succeed in today's competitive business environment. Plenty of individual attention in small classes, plus a friendly atmosphere, add up to a smooth transition into the job market.

Location: Albert Lea, Austin, Owatonna, 100% Online
Program Starts: Fall, Spring
Course Plan: Two Year
Faculty:Kim Hansen

Required Core Courses (42 credits)
ACCT1021 Excel™ Spreadsheet Applications 3 CR
ACCT1022 QuickBooks™ Certification Training 3 CR
ACCT1023 Computerized Accounting with Sage™ 3 CR
ACCT1031 Business Math/Calculators 3 CR
ACCT1040 Applied Individual Income Taxes 3 CR
ACCT1099 Payroll Accounting 2 CR
ACCT1120 Applied Business Income Taxation 3 CR
ACCT2011 Principles of Financial Accounting 4 CR
ACCT2012 Principles of Managerial Accounting 4 CR
ACCT2055 Governmental/Fund/Non-Profit Accounting 3 CR
ACCT2020 Applied Intermediate Accounting 4 CR
ACCT2040 Applied Cost Management 4 CR
BUSA2032 Business Law - Legal Environment 3 CR

Electives - 3 credits from courses listed below:

ACCT2061 Accounting Capstone - ABA (ACAT Exam) Review 3 CR
BUSA1050 Personal Financial Management and Planning 3 CR
CCLS1000 First Year Experience 1 CR
ACCT2091 Internship 1 CR
ACCT2991 Topics in Accounting 1 CR

MnTC General Education Courses (15 credits)

ECON2292 Microeconomics (Goal 5 & 8)  OR 3 CR
ECON2291 Macroeconomics (Goal 5 & 8) 3 CR
ENGL1101 Composition I (Goal 1 & 2)  OR 3 CR
ENGL1102 Honors Composition I: Writing about Literature (Goal 1 & 2) 3 CR
SPCH1100 Fundamentals of Speech (Goal 1 & 9)  OR 3 CR
SPCH1110 Honors Fundamental of Speech (Goal 1 & 9)  OR 3 CR
SPCH1200 Interpersonal Communication (Goal 1 & 7) 3 CR
MATH2021 Fundamentals of Statistics  OR 4 CR
MATH2022 Honors Fundamentals of Statistics (Goal 2 & 4)  OR 4 CR
MATH1110 College Algebra (Goal 2 & 4) 3 CR
- Goal 6 - Humanities and Fine Arts 3 CR

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