Web Developer Game Design


Create interactive content, rich with video, graphics, and animation for the web. Develop engaging interfaces that will impress future employers in any profession. Maximize your creativity with full design control, as you work to create Web sites, Web games, and eye-catching animations. Students will be introduced to Adobe (Flash, ActionScript, Premiere, Photoshop and Dreamweaver), These are industry's most advanced authoring environments for creating Web sites, digital experiences.

Location: 100% Online
Program Starts: Fall, Spring
Course Plan: One Year
Faculty: Doc Andree Brenda Mandt

For in-depth information including outcomes, program fees, course descriptions, and more please visit the Web Developer Game Design program page at riverland.edu.

Required Core Courses (24 credits)

CPRO1002 Essential Computer Skills 2 CR
CPRO1490 Intro to Mobile Apps (Application) Development 3 CR
CPRO1590 Web Page Design I with Graphic Design 3 CR
CPRO1600 Intro to HTML5 and CSS3 3 CR
CPRO1641 Web Animation 3 CR
CPRO1750 Intro to Social Media Marketing 4 CR
CPRO1485 Intro to Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality 3 CR
CPRO1095 Digital Photography with Adobe Photoshop 3 CR