Truck Driving


Would you like to shift your career into high gear?

Picture yourself on the open road in control of a big rig. Our top-rated Truck Driving program can put you in the drivers' seat. This 16-week Riverland program has a reputation of providing "first-rate" hands-on and classroom training for careers in the transportation industry. The winning combination of our highly-qualified instructors and small class sizes mean you get plenty of one-on-one attention while learning all the required operating techniques, procedures and regulations. Learn defensive driving, safety and proper operating techniques without having to pay high costs of a for-profit driving school. Riverland students gain practical experience by driving in city and rural situations as part of course requirements. This includes driving conventional tractors and pulling loaded and empty vans and flatbed trailers. The appropriate class of license will be issued to each individual upon completion.

Students also develop skills and experience during paid internships with area motor carriers who become prospective employers.

Location: Albert Lea
Program Starts: Fall, Spring
Course Plan: 16-weeks

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Required Core Courses (22 credits)

TRDR1100 Introduction to Vehicle Control 3 CR
TRDR1105 Proficiency Development of Vehicle Control 3 CR
TRDR1110 Advanced Operating Procedures 2 CR
TRDR1115 Lifestyle 3 CR
TRDR1120 Advanced Vehicle Driving 3 CR
TRDR1130 Internship 8 CR