Theatre Transfer Pathway


Riverland's Theatre Department is a high-energy, performance-oriented program. Four mainstage productions are performed each academic year: one classic musical, one contemporary musical, one comedy (modern or classic) and one drama (modern or classic). Students are encouraged to get involved in all areas of theatre production, including but not limited to acting, stage managing, set building, and design. Strong academic offerings provide challenges in and out of the classroom.

Travel-study courses such as Big Arts in the Big Apple and London Dash give students the opportunity to experience professional theatre in major cities around the globe. Each year, Riverland students attend and compete at the Kennedy Center/American College Theatre Region 5 Festival. Students also have the opportunity to participate in Summerset Theatre, which has performed on the Riverland campus since 1968. Summerset mounts several main stage productions between June and August and engages students as actors, crew, and in paid staff positions.

Why choose this program at Riverland?

  • Immediate opportunity to participate in all areas of theatre no matter what your experience level
  • Four mainstage productions each year, including two musicals
  • Transfer pathway guarantees transfer within the Minnesota State system
  • Low student-to-faculty ratio
  • Opportunity to complete general education classes while focusing on the arts
  • Faculty with professional experience and connections
  • Affordable on-campus housing

What will I study?

The AFA Theatre and Musical Theatre degrees give students hands-on learning experiences designed to prepare them for transfer into four-year BA or BFA Theatre programs and/or eventual careers in the performing arts. The AFA Theatre degree allows students to choose electives to meet their interests, while the AFA Musical Theatre degree provides additional training in music theory, voice, musical theatre performance and history.

Location: Austin | Faculty: Susan Hansen Lindsey Williams Susan Hansen
Program Starts: Fall, Spring | Course Plan: Four Semesters

For in-depth information including outcomes, program fees, course descriptions, and more please visit the Theatre Transfer Pathway program page at

Required Core Courses (21 credits)

THTR1001 Theatre Activities 1 CR
THTR1002 Theatre Activities II 1 CR
THTR1100 Introduction to Theatre and Film (Goal 6 & 9) 3 CR
THTR1111 Movement for the Stage I 1 CR
THTR1120 Stage Make-Up 3 CR
THTR1125 Script Analysis 3 CR
THTR2100 Beginning Acting (Goal 6 & 7) 3 CR
THTR2222 Speech for Performance (Goal 6 & 7) 3 CR
CCLS1000 First Year Experience 1 CR
Approved Electives 2 CR

MnTC General Education Courses (40 credits)

ENGL1101 Composition I (Goal 1 & 2) 3 CR
ENGL1104 Composition II: Argument (Goal 1 & 2; Prereq ENGL1101) 3 CR
SPCH1100 Fundamentals of Speech (Goal 1 & 9) 3 CR
- Goal 3 - Natural Sciences 9 CR
- Goal 4 - Mathematical/Logical Reasoning 3 CR
- Goal 5 - History and the Social & Behavioral Sciences 9 CR
- Goal 6 - Humanities and Fine Arts 3 CR
- Goal 8 - Global Perspective 3 CR
- Goal 10 - People and the Environment 3 CR


THTR1112 Movement for the Stage II 1 CR
THTR1130 Stagecraft and Technology 3 CR
THTR1140 Television Production and Performance (Goal 6 & 8) 3 CR
THTR2001 Theatre Activities III 1 CR
THTR2002 Theatre Activities IV 1 CR
THTR2295 World Cultural Studies 2 CR
THTR2297 World Cultural Studies – Research Option 4 CR
THTR2600 USA Cultural Studies 1 CR
THTR2710 Musical Theatre Performance (Goal 6 & 7) 3 CR
THTR2720 American Musical Theatre (Goal 6 & 7) 3 CR