Precision Agriculture


Precision Agriculture is a high tech concept that relies on advanced technologies to increase efficiency in agricultural practices. Precision Ag allows farmers, cooperatives, service providers and equipment dealers to collect and use data about unique variations in a field to optimize management with regards to crops, environmental production and economics. The ag industry has the challenging task to raise more grain and livestock with a fixed amount of land  due to shrinking land base. Precision Agriculture will help meet the demand by using technology to produce more with less.

Location: Austin
Program Starts: Fall, Spring
Course Plan: Two Semesters
Faculty: Wayne Busch

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Required Core Courses (17 credits)

AGBS2000 Introduction to Agribusiness Management 3 CR
AGSC1010 Introduction to Agronomy 3 CR
AGSC1020 Introduction to Soil Science 3 CR
AGSC1030 Crop Production 4 CR
AGSC2010 Intro to Precision Agriculture, Geographic Info & Global Positioning System 4 CR