Medical Assistant


This one year diploma program is designed to prepare students for employment as Medical Assistants. Medical Assistants are allied health professionals who assist physicians in the ambulatory care setting and perform a variety of clinical, laboratory, and administrative tasks. The specific duties of a Medical Assistant may vary by location, specialty, and size of the medical practice. In small practices, Medical Assistants handle both administrative and clinical duties. Those in large practices tend to specialize in a particular area.

Location: Austin
Program Starts: Fall
Course Plan: 3 Semesters
Faculty: Holly Eisenman

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Must achieve cut score of 250 on Next Gen – English (or equivalent)
Must achieve cut score of 243 on Next Gen – Arithmetic (or equivalent)
High School diploma or GED (high school students may enroll under the PSEO Program).
Must pass a Criminal Background Study
Up to date on all immunizations including Hepatitis B, varicella, Influenza, and practicum facility requirements
Medical Assistant students must successfully complete (with a grade of C or better) in each course of the program plan in order to be awarded the Medical Assistant diploma.

Required Courses

MEDA1250 Body Structure, Function & Applied Terminology 4 CR
MEDA1150 Clinical Procedures for Medical Assistants 7 CR
MEDA1270 Disease Conditions 2 CR
CCLS1000 First Year Experience 1 CR
MEDA1301 Laboratory Procedures 4 CR
MEDA 1230 Math for Allied Health Professionals 1 CR
MEDA1280 Medical Assistant Business Practices I 4 CR
MEDA1281 Medical Assistant Business Practices II 4 CR
MEDA1500 Medical Assistant Practicum 6 CR
MEDA1355 Medication Administration for Medical Assistants 3 CR