Industrial Maintenance and Mechanics


Are you someone who likes challenges and can think under pressure?

This Riverland program is one of a kind in Minnesota. Machines are getting more costly to maintain and good maintenance workers play a major role in cost control.

Students will receive training in the maintenance and repair of industrial equipment including operation of lathes, mills, drills and small tools used for machine repair.

Our programs also focus on hydraulics, pneumatics, piping, sheet metal, electrical, bearings and seals, blueprint reading, preventative/predictive maintenance, safety and welding. Welding classes include gas, ARC, tig and wirefeed.

This program includes preparation for boiler exams. In the first year, you will prepare for a special engineer license exam. Upon successful completion of this exam, students start clocking hours with actual operation of an in-house boiler. In the second year, students will be qualified to apply for and take the Second Class high pressure boiler exam. After graduating, students will hold a Minnesota Steam Engineer Second Class License Grade A or B license.

Location: Albert Lea
Program Starts: Fall
Course Plan: 4 Semesters
Faculty: Alan Lawrence

Required Core Courses
IMMR1705 Safety and OSHA 2 CR
IMMR1720 Low Pressure Boiler 4 CR
IMMR1750 Blueprint Reading 2 CR
IMMR2765 Gas Metal Arc Welding 3 CR
IMMR2770 Gas Tungsten Arc Welding 3 CR
IMMR1760 Introduction to Basic Hydraulics 3 CR
IMMR1760 Introduction to Basic Hydraulics 3 CR
IMMR2750 Piping Systems and Plumbing 3 CR
IMMR2725 High Pressure Boiler 3 CR
IMMR2735 Preventative Maintenance 3 CR
IMMR2755 Distribution and HVAC Systems 3 CR
IMMR2775 Refrigeration Systems 3 CR
ARET1126 Mechanical Power Transmission 3 CR
ARET1130 Maintenance Operations 2 CR
ARET1155 Automation Controls 3 CR
ARET1161 Mechatronic Systems 3 CR
ARET1175 Industrial Electricity and Electronics I 3 CR
ARET1200 Introduction to Robotics 2 CR
ARET1140 Computer Integrated Manufacturing 3 CR
ARET1190 Programmable Logic Controllers 3 CR
CCLS1000 First Year Experience 1 CR
MATH1020 Technical Math 2 CR

Recommended Electives

BUSO1600 Computer Application for Industry 1 CR
GSCL1270 Employment Search Skills 1 CR
GSCM1500 Technical Writing 2 CR
GSCM1510 Workplace Human Relations 2 CR
IMMR2855 Maintenance Capstone 1-5 CR
HLTH1130 AHA CPR and First Aid Certification 1 CR
PHYS1000 Introduction to Physics (Goal 2 & 3) 3 CR
ELEC2750 Programmable Logic Controllers II 3 CR
HS Electives PLTW Intro to Eng Design 2 CR

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