Food Science Concentration


Food science is the application of basic science to improve food quality, safety, and nutrition and to develop new food products. This program introduces students to the study of the chemical, biological, and physical makeup of food and the principles underlying food processing. Students will examine processing, packaging, distribution, and use of safe food as well as human nutritional needs. 

The Food Science concentration prepares students for employment in the food industry in areas such as production, quality assurance, sanitation, research and development, and laboratory analysis.  

Location: Austin
Program Starts: Fall. Spring
Course Plan: Four Semesters
Nick Schiltz
Phone: 507-433-0657
Department: Agricultural Sciences

For in-depth information including outcomes, program fees, course descriptions, and more please visit the Food Science Concentration program page at

Required Core Courses (16 credits)

FSCI1000 Principles of Food Science 4 CR
FSCI1015 Food Quality and Safety 3 CR
FSCI1030 Food Product Development 3 CR
FSCI1040 Food Processing 3 CR
BIOL1070 Human Nutrition (Goal 2 & 3) 3 CR

MnTC General Education Courses (44 credits)

- Goal 1 - Communication 9 CR
- Goal 2 - Critical Thinking 3 CR
- Goal 3 - Natural Sciences 6 CR
- Goal 4 - Mathematical/Logical Reasoning 3 CR
- Goal 5 - History and the Social & Behavioral Sciences 9 CR
- Goal 6 - Humanities and Fine Arts 9 CR
- Goal 7 - Human Diversity
- Goal 8 - Global Perspective
- Goal 9 - Ethical & Civic Responsibility
- Goal 10 - People and the Environment
- Physical Education/Health 1 CR
CCLS1000 First Year Experience 1 CR