Fire Services


The Fire Services Certificate will prepare the student to perform basic firefighter functions. Students learn firefighter techniques and hazardous materials functions. Team work is emphasized throughout the program. Upon successful completion of this certificate is the opportunity for State Certification in Firefighter I & II. This certificate completes the job entry requirements as a firefighter for most fire departments.

Location: Albert Lea, Austin, Owatonna
Program Starts: Fall, Spring
Course Plan: Two Semesters
Faculty: Wanda McCoy

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Required Core Courses (9 credits)

FIRE1100 Firefighter I 5 CR
FIRE1106 Firefighter II 2 CR
FIRE1110 Hazardous Materials Operations 2 CR

Electives (7 credits)

EMER1200 Emergency Medical Technician 7 CR
EMER1210 Emergency Medical Care/First Responder 3 CR
GSCL1270 Employment Search Skills 1 CR
GSCM1500 Written Technical Communications 2 CR
GSCM1510 Workplace Human Relations 2 CR
PHED1117 Weight Lifting 1 CR
PHED1145 Lifetime Fitness and Wellness 2 CR
SPAN1300 Spanish for Emergency Medical Services and Firefighters 2 CR