Farm Business Management - Advanced Management


Do you want to harvest a more successful business?

This personalized program is designed to help working farmers improve business operations. Learning more about agriculture and applying it directly to your farm is the best way to maintain your competitive edge. Our highly-qualified, licensed instructors provide practical training in; accounting, budgeting, finance, tax management, business analysis and marketing plus helping chart business trends. Instructors will come to your farm to work directly with all members of the family who participate in business operations. This is a very effective method for problem solving and helping you meet business and personal goals.

The Enterprise Management element of this program includes an annual analysis to point out strengths and target the best ways to improve business and generate new profit. Look forward to results that optimize production, control costs and improve your business management skills.

We make flexibility and accessibility top priorities in order to accommodate busy farm schedules and this program uses technology that fits the way you conduct day-to-day business operations. Occasional classroom sessions along with farm tours and field trips can be scheduled with your instructor and feedback from participants have been extremely positive. Another advantage is easy access to instructors by phone, fax and e-mail to get information about their farm business and management issues. This comprehensive Farm Business Management Education Program helps you plan for tomorrow and can lead to significant benefits.

Are you eligible to enroll? Students must be farm business operators or managers or must secure the consent of an instructor.

Note: Farm Business Management Education Program is a credit-based program of the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities system. Most Instructors are members of the National Farm and Ranch Business Management Education Association, Inc. and other professional organizations.

For in-depth information including outcomes, program fees, course descriptions, and more please visit the Farm Business Management - Advanced Management program page at
Location: One on one instructions at student's farm
Program Starts: Open
Course Plan: Three Year
Faculty: Jennifer Smith, Tom Anderson, Kyle Huneke, Lynn Hoffmann, Dan Miller, Rex Quam, Jillian Dicke

Required Core Courses (48 credits)

FBMT1112 Foundation for Farm Business Management 4 CR
FBMT1121 Preparation for Farm Business Management 4 CR
FBMT1122 Implementing the System Management Plan 4 CR
FBMT1131 Managing and Modifying Farm System Data 4 CR
FBMT1132 Interpreting and Using Farm System Data 4 CR
FBMT1211 Introduction to Farm Business Management 4 CR
FBMT2141 Interpreting and Evaluating Financial Data 4 CR
FBMT2142 Interpreting Trends 4 CR
FBMT2151 Strategies in Farm System Data Management 4 CR
FBMT2152 Integrating System Information for Financial Planning 4 CR
FBMT2161 Strategies in Farm System Data Management 4 CR
FBMT2162 Refining Farm System Management 4 CR

Electives (12 credits)

A minimum of 12 credits is required from the FBMT course list. Please work with your advisor in selecting electives.
FBMT Courses Choose from FBMT Courses 12 CR