Diesel Technology


What about a career in Diesel Equipment repair?

The Diesel Technology program offers the appeal of a wide variety of challenges as you learn to diagnose and solve diesel equipment problems on commercial vehicles. Our students begin by learning theory of operation for modern diesel-powered equipment. You will soon progress to basic maintenance procedures and minor repairs. Advanced training in this comprehensive program includes diagnostic skills for many vehicle systems including those that are electronically controlled.

You can look forward to working in a state-of-the-art lab and guidance from highly-qualified instructors who frequently attend industry training. Our courses keep lecture and classroom study to a minimum, emphasizing a "hands-on" approach to training.

An active advisory committee made up of local employers assures that the program's curriculum remains current. An internship is included in our program plan.

Location: Albert Lea
Program Starts: Fall
Course Plan: Four Semesters
Faculty: Mike Bute Daniel Longsdorf

For in-depth information including outcomes, program fees, course descriptions, and more please visit the Diesel Technology program page at riverland.edu.

Required Core Courses (63 credits)

DESL1101 Shop Safety, Tools & Equipment 2 CR
DESL1102 Introduction to the Diesel Engine 2 CR
DESL1103 Applied Diesel Engines Lab 3 CR
DESL1104 Introduction to Electrical Systems 2 CR
DESL1105 Applied Electrical Systems Lab 3 CR
DESL1106 Clutch and Manual Transmission I 3 CR
DESL1107 Industry Related Welding 2 CR
DESL1114 Commercial Vehicle Preventative Maintenance and Inspection 3 CR
DESL1117 Caterpillar Engines and Fuel Systems 3 CR
DESL1208 Air & Hydraulic Brakes 2 CR
DESL1211 Electronic Engine Controls I 3 CR
DESL1212 Introduction to Hydraulics 2 CR
DESL1213 Diesel Fuel Systems I 2 CR
DESL2118 Commercial Vehicle Power Trains I 3 CR
DESL2119 Commercial Vehicle Steering & Suspension Systems 3 CR
DESL2209 Commercial Vehicle HVAC Systems 3 CR
DESL2210 Diesel Project Lab 4 CR
DESL2221 Electronic Engine Controls II 2 CR
DESL2223 Cummins Engines & Fuel Systems 2 CR
DESL2224 Diesel Information Systems 2 CR
DESL2225 Commercial Vehicle Power Trains II 2 CR
DESL2226 Diesel Technology Internship 4 CR
DESL2230 Agricultural Equipment Technologies II 4 CR

General Studies Courses (6 credits)

GSCL1270 Employment Search Skills 1 CR
GSCM1510 Workplace Human Relations 2 CR
MATH1020 Technical Math I 2 CR
CCLS1000 First Year Experience 1 CR