Criminal Justice - Corrections


Does putting strong problem-solving skills to work appeal to you?

This Riverland comprehensive program incorporates traditional liberal arts classes with a specialized curriculum of Corrections classes. Our Criminal Justice Corrections graduates are well prepared for various careers in the Corrections field at local, state and federal institutions or in Corrections treatment programs. This program also provides a solid foundation for going on to earn a Bachelor's degree or higher.

Our required Corrections Internship phase is an ideal way to find out which areas of the Correction field are best suited for your strengths and interests through hands-on experience. Students are encouraged to work closely with their Program Advisor to customize their degree to achieve desired personal goals.

Location: Austin
Program Starts: Fall, Spring
Course Plan: Four Semesters
Faculty: Rich Watkins, AL Shuda

For in-depth information including outcomes, program fees, course descriptions, and more please visit the Criminal Justice - Corrections program page at

Required Core Courses (20 credits)

CRJU1200 Criminal Justice Orientation 0 CR
CRJU1103 Introduction to Criminal Justice 3 CR
CRJU1104 Criminal Justice Field Experience I 2 CR
CRJU1105 Criminal Justice Field Experience II 3 CR
CRJU1135 Victimology 3 CR
CRJU1140 Community-Based Corrections 3 CR
CRJU2201 Corrections and Penology 3 CR
CRJU2202 Juvenile Law and Procedures 3 CR

MnTC General Education Courses (40 Credits)

BIOL1050 Introduction to Forensic Science (Goal 2 & 3) 3 CR
- Goal 3 - Natural Sciences 6 CR
- Goal 4 - Mathematical/Logical Reasoning 3 CR
SOCI1101 Introduction to Sociology (Goal 5 & 7) 3 CR
SOCI2125 Cultural Diversity (Goal 5 & 7) 3 CR
PSYC1240 Developmental Psychology (Goal 5 & 9) 3 CR
PSYC1105 General Psychology (Goal 5 & 7) 4 CR
PHIL1130 Ethics (Goal 6 & 9) 3 CR
HUMA2263 Religions of the World (Goal 6 & 8) 3 CR
- Goal 6 - Humanities and Fine Arts 3 CR
- MnTC/General Education 1 CR