Carpentry, Residential


This program prepares students with skills and knowledge for a career in residential carpentry. Technical and general courses provide the students theory and hands-on learning experiences. General areas of study include building codes, blueprint reading, estimating, site layout, concrete, framing, interior and exterior finish, cabinet construction and installation, and decks. The Residential Carpentry diploma program provides graduates with skills required of a carpenter in a variety of building construction settings common in both rural and metropolitan areas.

Location: Austin
Program Starts: Fall
Course Plan: Two Semesters
Faculty: Adam Hahn

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Required Core Courses (30 credits)

CARP1110 Construction Material and Tool Safety 3 CR
CARP1121 Blueprint Reading I 2 CR
CARP1125 Wall and Floor Framing/Sheeting and Building Layout 4 CR
CARP1135 Roof Framing, Shingling, & Flashing 4 CR
CARP1160 OSHA 10 Training 1 CR
CARP1215 Blueprint Reading II 2 CR
CARP1225 Exterior Siding and Finish 4 CR
CARP1235 Interior Finish I 2 CR
CARP1245 Interior Millwork, Cabinet Installation, and Stairs 4 CR
CARP1250 Building Codes/Estimating 2 CR
CARP1260 Deck Construction 2 CR

General Studies Courses (2 credits)

MATH1020 Technical Math I 2 CR