Automotive Service Technology


How can you turn a love of cars into a rewarding career?

If the hum of a smooth running engine gets you revved up, read on. Imagine the feeling of accomplishment from being able to diagnose and repair automotive problems. Automotive Service Technology students will develop knowledge and skills in electronics, drive axle and drive train repair, engine and transmission diagnosis and repair, steering, suspension and brake systems, fuel systems, electronic engine control diagnosis and drivability. This hands-on program is designed to give students intensive training and experience in the diagnosis, repair and service of current, as well as, past vehicle models.

The ASE-master-certified teachers keep up with the latest technology changes and regularly receive advanced training from vehicle manufacturers and aftermarket suppliers. Small class sizes, plus an excellent shop, add to the ideal learning environment.

This program is NATEF (National Automotive Technician Educational Foundation) Accredited and has strong ties to the industry and their advisory committee.

Students enrolling in the Automotive program will be supplied tools at no cost to you. Once you are certain this career is for you, you should purchase your own equipment.

Location: Albert Lea, Online Course(s)
Program Starts: Fall, Spring
Course Plan: Four Semesters
Faculty: Olle Gladso

For in-depth information including outcomes, program fees, course descriptions, and more please visit the Automotive Service Technology program page at

Required Core Courses (63 credits)

AUTO1205 Automotive Fundamentals 4 CR
AUTO1207 Automotive Welding 2 CR
AUTO1212 Engine Diagnosis 2 CR
AUTO1311 Engine Theory and Repair 3 CR
AUTO1321 Steering and Suspension 3 CR
AUTO1322 Wheel Alignment 3 CR
AUTO1341 Fuel Systems I 4 CR
AUTO1423 Brake Systems 4 CR
AUTO1431 Basic Electrical/Electronics 4 CR
AUTO1451 Clutch and Manual Trans/Transaxle 2 CR
AUTO2352 Rear Axle/Four Wheel Drive 3 CR
AUTO2413 Ignition System Diagnosis 4 CR
AUTO2432 Advanced Electrical/Electronics 4 CR
AUTO2445 Fuel Systems II 4 CR
AUTO2446 Drivability Diagnosis 3 CR
AUTO2453 Automatic Transmission Theory 4 CR
AUTO2454 Automatic Transmission Electronics 4 CR
AUTO2460 Heating & Air Conditioning 4 CR
AUTO2462 Automotive Service Technology Internship 2 CR

General Studies Courses (6 credits)

GSCL1270 Employment Search Skills 1 CR
GSCM1510 Workplace Human Relations 2 CR
MATH1020 Technical Math I 2 CR
CCLS1000 First Year Experience 1 CR