Agricultural Sciences


Agribusiness and food science are one of Minnesota’s most important industries and provides a variety of related career opportunities. The programs at Riverland offer you opportunities to get the education and experiences needed to enter this growing field. Many agricultural and food science students go directly into the workforce after completing courses at Riverland, while others continue on with their education.  Should you decide to transfer to a four-year college after completing your courses or program at Riverland Community College, there are several options available to you. 

This degree program prepares students to work with agricultural industries such as food, fiber, and animal research, production, and processing; under supervision, conduct tests and experiments to improve yield and quality of crops or to increase the resistance of plants and animals to disease or insects. 

Location: Austin
Program Starts:
Course Plan: Four Semesters
Faculty: Wayne Busch

Core Curriculum (20 credits)
AGSC1010 Introduction to Agronomy 3 CR
AGSC1020 Introduction to Soil Science 3 CR
AGSC1030 Crop Production 4 CR
AGSC1050 Introduction to Animal Science 3 CR
AGBS2000 Introduction to Agribusiness Management 3 CR
AGSC2010 Intro to Precision Agriculture, Geographic Info & Global Positioning System 4 CR

MnTC General Education Courses (40 credits)
BIOL1092 General Biology II (Goal 3 & 10) 4 CR
BIOL1091 General Biology I (Goal 2 & 3) 4 CR
CHEM1121 General, Organic, and Biochemistry (Goal 3 & 10) 3 CR
CHEM1000 Introductory Chemistry (Goal 3 & 10)or CHEM1121 4 CR
ECON2291 Macroeconomics (Goal 5 & 8)or ECON2292, GLST1500 3 CR
ENGL1101 Composition I (Goal 1 & 2)or ENGL1102 3 CR
GEOG1200 Human Geography (Goal 5 & 10) 3 CR
MATH2021 Fundamentals of Statistics (Goal 2 & 4)or MATH2022 4 CR
MATH1110 College Algebra (Goal 2 & 4) 3 CR
PHIL1130 Ethics (Goal 6 & 9) 3 CR
PHYS1000 Introduction to Physics (Goal 2 & 3) 3 CR
SOCI1103 Social Problems (Goal 5 & 9) 3 CR
SPCH1100 Fundamentals of Speech (Goal 1 & 9)or SPCH1200, SPCH1310 3 CR

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