Archive Manager

Archive Manager Alert!

On October 1, 2020 we will be shutting down the Archive Manager server that houses old, archived email for a variety of reasons.  That server contains email from about July 1, 2009 thru September 9, 2016 – users who have email from that time period can currently access it from the E-mail Archive Manager link under Resources on the Faculty & Staff page of the Riverland website.   

If you are a user of the Archive Manager system and wish to have access to your archived email after 10/1/2020, please submit a ticket to requesting your archived email.  TLR will create a PST of your archived email, which you would then be able to load and search in your Microsoft Outlook client indefinitely.   

If you do not submit a ticket by October 1, your email information contained on the archive server will no longer be accessible or recoverable after that time.

Access Archive Manager

If you have problems with the Archive Manager please follow the steps below

1. If you get this error - Click the refresh button on your browser

2. When you receive the log in box please log in using au\YourStarID (the backslash above your enter key)