Student's Thoughts - Riverland

Nursing (RN Track) - Ended Fall 2018

Student's Thoughts about the MANE Nursing Program

When I heard about MANE Nursing in Riverland Community College, I liked the program because its setting was going to help me meet my short-term goal of graduating with an Associate Degree in Nursing while continuing to Bachelors in Nursing seamlessly. A month after graduation in 2016, I was offered a nursing (RN) position at Mayo Clinic Rochester MN even before taking my nursing board exams (NCLEX). The program went very well with the help of very hardworking and passionate nursing leadership and faculty. Clinical experiences at Mayo Clinic Health System and St. Marks Nursing Home both in Austin went beyond my expectations.  

To help meet the cost of nursing school, the College awarded me Financial Aid grants, and various scholarships such as The Bikers of Student Success, Elizabeth Moen Nursing Scholarship, and Stipend Scholarship. Through the program, I became a member of Phi Theta Kappa honor society, and was named to the ALL-Minnesota Academic Team in 2016. This is great program and I’m thankful for all of the amazing faculty members that enriched my nursing school experience.

Benson Ongeri Rochester MN.

Riverland Community College, MANE nursing program, has made it possible for me to successfully complete the program and pass boards on my first try!  I was also hired within 1 month of passing boards at one of our MCHS clinical sites.  I truly believe the program is moving forward in the right direction! 

Ashley Jacobson RN

Words can hardly describe how grateful I am to have obtained my degree in Professional Nursing from Riverland Community College. They provided me with the skills and knowledge to pursue a variety of different Registered Nurse positions. Everyone in the nursing faculty at Riverland has empowered me to work hard toward my goals in nursing. I wouldn’t be able to provide holistic care to my patients if it wasn’t for the holistic instruction I had received from the nursing mentors at Riverland. Riverland Community College has an amazing simulation lab that allowed us students to come practice our skills and master them. The small class sizes at Riverland made it possible to have one to one time with the nursing faculty.   I am pleased to say I have accepted a RN position in an Intensive Care Unit following graduation from Riverland. I’ve received dozens of compliments from my superiors valuing the knowledge, skills, and devotion that I have toward the nursing profession. I wouldn’t be where I am today without the instruction I had received. Thank-You! 

Alexander J. Ruble

As a returning student working my way back into the workforce after being home with children, what I appreciated most about the program was its small size and focus on the student as an individual.  I very much appreciated the experienced, supportive staff and the nurturing environment.  Both made my transition to  professional nurse and back to the workforce positive and rewarding.

Nathan Hauber