Instructor Bio - Chuck Nemer

Chuck Nemer is a trainer/consultant with 38 years of experience in Supply Chain

Chuck Nemer, CPIM, MA-Leadership

Management, Lean, Leadership, and APICS. He also teaches Operations Management at an urban based university in St Paul MN. He is active both locally and nationally in his APICS professional society as well, in the areas of instructor development and curriculum development.  His most current efforts are in taking the training he delivers and moving it from lecture and PowerPoint based, to interactive based learning. Using The Fresh Connection supply chain simulation (, Chuck has completely changed his class environments from listening and watching; to play, learn by doing, and demonstration of competency.  For the last two years, Chuck has been incorporating The Fresh Connection in all his training and consulting.  An example of the results he achieves, is at the end of his training, when using The Fresh Connection, students want to continue playing and learning, and don't want to leave.  One learner even said between sessions, "It feels like a mystery waiting to be solved and I can't wait to come back next week".  Upon arriving home, she emailed Chuck and said "she'd never been so emotionally exhausted from such a fun day of learning".

Chuck has spent 38 years in various areas of Operations, Supply Chain Management, and Leadership.  Within those 38 years, he has taught for 26 years; professional certification classes for APICS and on his own on behalf of colleges in their outreach programs to local and regional manufacturing firms.  Chuck has a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting from the University of Minnesota, a Master’s degree in Leadership from Augsburg College in Minneapolis MN., CPIM certification from APICS, and on-line curriculum development certificate from the Wisconsin Technical College System.