Massage Therapy

The Massage Therapist program prepares the graduate to operate a massage therapy clinic or be employed in another health care-related setting. Massage has been shown to improve circulation, enhance relaxation, reduce pain and increase mobility and flexibility. Massage Therapists can work in a clinic, hospital, private practice, health club and a variety of other work settings.

This well-balanced program integrates theory, anatomy, physiology, pathology and kinesiology along with developing professional communication skills. The graduate therapist is able to observe and assess the client's musculoskeletal system, propose and implement a treatment plan and observe the client's response to treatment. Documentation is done to record muscular pain and restrictions, postural distortions, fascial adhesions, client response and the effects of stress on the body.

Our curriculum is diverse, teaching several types of massage and integrating the art and science of massage into the classroom some focus areas included stress reduction, deep tissue and myofascial techniques, reflexology, working with special populations, and other manual soft tissue techniques.

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Cost:  $4500 + fees of $715 (fees cover the cost of massage table, books, and insurance)

Payment Options: $300 discount if paid in full by June 15, 2017
Payment must be made in full by July 10.

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