International Students Checklist for Admission


Complete the international application form including all required signatures.

Application Form

Application Fee

$20.00 application fee made payable to Riverland Community College, through a U.S. bank, a U.S. money order, or credit card. Credit payments can be made by e-mail or phone call.

Financial Statement

Complete the Financial Statement Form, this form must be filled out and signed by your financial sponsor. The signatures must be notarized.

Financial Statement

Bank Statements

Along with the financial statement, you must furnish current legal bank statements verifying the availability of $14,700 U.S. or the equivalent in another currency. THIS MUST BE AN ORIGINAL BANK STATEMENT, CURRENT within 30 day, and translated into English.

International Student Agreement

Please read, sign, and return the International Student Agreement.


Students must submit an English proficiency test. For admission to Riverland students must have an IELTS score of 2.0 or greater (or equivalent english proficiency score).

Advisor Form

Use ONLY if you are currently attending a university/college in the United States. Request the international student advisor from the university/college you are attending in the U. S. fill out the International Student Advisor form.

Personal Statement

Please write a one-page essay in English. Describe your background, interests, purpose for studying at Riverland, and how this education will benefit you and your career.

Transcripts, Test Results, Diplomas and Certificates

Provide to Riverland a copy of your secondary graduation certificate and any post-secondary institution you have attended. Records must be originals, or certified/ notarized photocopies and must be translated into English.