Additional Information Needed

Additionally, many international students require some English language training (ESL) prior to attending main stream college courses. We offer a full ESL center on our campus, once students feel accomplished in the English language they can continue with college courses right here at Riverland. Before you are accepted as an international student at Riverland you must submit a IELTS score of 2.0 or a comparable score from the TOEFL. Additionally students will test for English proficiency when they arrive to determine placement.

  1. Please find the IELTS test center closest to your hometown by using this link:
  2. Call the test center (also shown at the link above) to schedule the General Training version of the IELTS exam and to get the details on time, ID to bring, and fees. Fees vary from country to country.
  3. Enter Riverland Community College as the institution to have your score sent to.
  4. The admission score for ENAP Level I is 2.0 on the General Training version of the exam.

Please remember to write your essay and submit it with the application. It helps us understand your English abilities.