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Fundamentals of Voice Over IP

Voice over IP (VoIP) which integrates voice and data transmission, is quickly becoming an important factor in network communications.

It lowers operational costs, provides greater flexibility, and offers a variety of enhanced applications. VoIP fundamentals provide a comprehensive look at VoIP for non –engineering professionals who need a basic understanding or update on VoIP.

With businesses rapidly replacing aged PBX systems in favor of more advanced IP based phones, it’s important to understand the benefits of VoIP, and now they can play a role in your organization. Topics: VoIP technology, Components and implementation, Codecs, Gateways, Ways VoIP saves money, Overview of SIP, IP Voice packetization, Softswitches, Protocols.

This certificate program will help to prepare you for the following network industry standard certifications:

Last Updated: March 15, 2017

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  • 18 Credits | One Year
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