Course Delivery Methods

Traditional or Face-to-Face  

These are traditional, 100% on-campus courses where all work is completed in a classroom.  

Completely Online - Asynchronous 

100% of instruction is completely online – including tests. There are no in-person meetings. Classwork is done on your own time (asynchronous) but must still adhere to class syllabi and assignment due dates. Instructors are available for one-on-one interaction through a variety of communication methods including email, phone, open online and in-person office hours, zoom/teleconference, and more. 


This is a general term for courses that are 25%-75% online with some in-person component. The percentage, type, attendance, and dates vary for each course (full details should be available for each one in e-Services) For example, a class may consist of all coursework done 100% online and students meet in-person once every two weeks to complete experiements in a lab. For questions about specific courses please contact your academic advisor. 

Student Responsibilities and Expectations 

Please note that flexible learning such as online and blended/hybrid courses are not suited to all learners. Online learning requires an established set of basic online skills. We help students expand that knowledge through orientation, but the basic ability to use email, a computer device, and familiarity with online searches and tools is essential. As a student participating in online courses, it is expected that you have basic computer skills. If you do not have these skills, your success in the course may be impacted. Please speak with your academic advisor (or admissions if you are not a Riverland student) if you are unsure of your skill level or need help deciding what is best for you.