Course Delivery Methods

On campus - Traditional or Face-to-Face  

  • Traditional Format: The courses are traditional in nature.
  • 100% On-Campus: All coursework is completed on campus.
    • Austin East
    • Austin West
    • Albert Lea 
    • Owatonna 
  • Classroom-Based Work: Every aspect of the course is conducted in a classroom setting

How to find On Campus Courses


  • On-Campus Flex Classes: Classes are conducted on campus.
  • Classroom-Based: Held in classrooms equipped with necessary facilities.
  • Video Link Technology: Utilizes technology to connect students via video.
  • Flexibility for Students and Faculty: Allows for adaptability and adjustments in teaching and learning methods.

Completely Online - Asynchronous 

  • 100% Online Instruction: All aspects, including tests, are conducted online with no in-person meetings.
  • Asynchronous Learning: Classwork can be done at your own time but must adhere to class syllabi and assignment due dates.
  • No In-Person Meetings: All learning and assessments are done remotely.
  • Adherence to Syllabi and Due Dates: While flexible, coursework must align with the class syllabus and respect assignment deadlines.
  • Instructor Availability: Instructors are accessible for one-on-one interaction through various methods:
    • Email
    • Phone
    • Open online and in-person office hours
    • Zoom/Teleconference
    • Other communication methods as available.

How to find Completely Online Courses


  • General Term for Mixed Courses: Courses with 25%-75% online content and an in-person component.
  • Varied Percentage and Components: Each course has different levels of online and in-person engagement.
  • Attendance and Dates: Specific attendance requirements and dates vary for each course.
  • Details in e-Services: Full details of each course are available in e-Services.
  • Example Structure: For instance, a course may have all coursework online with bi-weekly in-person lab sessions.
  • Contact for Specifics: For questions about particular courses, contact your academic advisor.

How to find Blended/Hybrid

Student Responsibilities and Expectations 

Please note that flexible learning such as online and blended/hybrid courses are not suited to all learners. Online learning requires an established set of basic online skills. We help students expand that knowledge through orientation, but the basic ability to use email, a computer device, and familiarity with online searches and tools is essential. As a student participating in online courses, it is expected that you have basic computer skills. If you do not have these skills, your success in the course may be impacted. Please speak with your academic advisor (or admissions if you are not a Riverland student) if you are unsure of your skill level or need help deciding what is best for you.