Blackbaud Security Incident Notification

As alumni and supporters of the Riverland Community College Foundation, we want you to know about an incident that may have involved your personal contact information. In July, we were notified by Blackbaud, a company that provides Riverland Foundation with data management and software services, that they had experienced a data security incident. You may have already received a notification about this incident from other nonprofits you support, as Blackbaud’s fundraising and database services are used by thousands of nonprofit organizations worldwide.

What You Need to Know

No credit card, bank account, or other unique and sensitive information, such as social security number, was compromised.

What Happened

Blackbaud was the target of a ransomware attack sometime between February 7, 2020, and intermittently until May 20, 2020. The hackers attempted to disrupt business by locking users out of their own data and in the process, accessed personally identifying information about Blackbaud's nonprofit clients, including those of the Riverland Community College Foundation. Blackbaud informed us of the breach on July 16, 2020. After discovering the attack in May 2020, Blackbaud’s Cyber Security team—together with independent forensics experts and law enforcement—retrieved the stolen data and successfully prevented the cybercriminal from blocking their system access and fully encrypting files, and ultimately expelled them from the system. The Minnesota State system IT and legal team launched an independent investigation on July 16 and sent us their confirmation of Blackbaud’s findings.

What Information Was Involved

Riverland Community College Foundation does not store social security numbers or any banking account information within the Blackbaud system. Therefore, we can confirm that your social security number, credit card or bank account information were not breached. However, it is possible that contact information for some individuals may have been compromised. The information obtained by the intruders could include name, address, phone number, email address, and if applicable, date of birth.

Blackbaud believes they have addressed this incident and are taking steps to ensure its security system is not compromised again. A full description of the incident is available on the Blackbaud site at:

Riverland Community College Foundation Actions

We sincerely apologize for this incident and regret any inconvenience it may cause. We take data security very seriously and we are confident in Riverland Community College’s internal data security and privacy practices. We will continue to work with Blackbaud to ensure your privacy and security is not compromised.

What You Can Do

As a best practice, we recommend you remain vigilant and promptly report any suspicious activity or suspected identity theft to us and to the proper law enforcement authorities such as the Federal Trade Commission, and the Office of the Minnesota State Attorney General.

Contact Us

If you have questions, concerns, or would like specific information please contact the Riverland Community College Foundation at or (507)433-0630.