What if I need a tutor or How do I get tutoring service?

Online tutoring is available.

Due to COVID-19, all tutoring is now online. In order to schedule an online appointment, please go to the online appointment system below. You may login with your starID. Once your appointment is made, you will receive an email at your college email address with instructions on how to proceed.

The following are also the steps to access your online tutoring session once an appointment has been made:

  1. Visit the Online Tutoring web page Scroll down. On lower right, select Tutor.Com button
  2. From Tutor.Com's welcome page, select "Join a Meeting Space" tab
  3. Under "Pending Invitations," accept the meeting with your tutor
  4. Five minutes prior to your scheduled appointment, login to Bright Space and enter Tutor.Com's Meeting Spaces
  5. Under "Upcoming Meetings," click "Launch"
  6. Enable audio and video functionality if desired
  7. If you have questions, please contact: studentsupport@tutor.com or a Riverland Tutoring Program staff member.