If I move out of housing, will I get a reimbursement?

Students that move out will receive a prorated reimbursement from the date the resident and all of their belongings have vacated the unit. All residents have been asked to fill out a form to allow us to plan. Residents who do not fill out the form and "check-out," will not receive a reimbursement. Please contact by phone or e-mail the Director of Residential and Student Life Director, Alexis Persons with questions.

Do I have to move out of housing?

Residents are encouraged to move out of housing if they have a safe and viable alternative living option. Residents can stay if they do not have a viable, safe living option or if their classes still have some face to face portions.

Can I leave my stuff at housing if I am returning in Fall 2020?

Housing does not provide storage or allow for items to be left over the summer.

What should I do if I am out of state and cannot move my things out of housing at this time?

Residents will be required to remove all belongings by the end of the original agreement. If residents are unable to come get their things until after March27th, they should notify the Director of Residential & Student Life, Alexis Persons. Residents should note that if they are not staying in the unit and their items are in the unit, they will not receive a reimbursement until their belongings have been removed from the unit.