Positive COVID-19 Cases


Minnesota State has devloped a dashboard for reporting COVID-19 case data impacting the colleges and universities and the system office. The dashboard informs campus communities and aids decision-making stemming from changes in COVID-19 cases and changes in community spread.

Minnesota State COVID-19 Dashboard

Below is a table of Riverland Positive Cases that may affect one or more of our buildings. We are already working with the Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) to follow their recommended procedures, including:

  • The people who may have been exposed have been notified and will self-quarantine for 14 days to watch for symptoms.
  • Maintenance disinfected and sanitized areas that may have been exposed to the virus.
  • It’s important to note that unless you have been notified, the MDH is not considering this incident a threat to you even if you worked in the affected buildings on the Last Contact date(s). The MDH has determined people who should take additional steps or quarantine until the expiration date listed.

To report a positive COVID case please contact concerns@riverland.edu 


Tested Positive

Last Contact on Campus

Building(s) Affected

Active Until:

10/26/2020 Student 10/21/2020 Autin West, Albert Lea 11/6/2020
10/22/2020 Student 10/20/2020 Austin West 11/2/2020
10/20/2020 Student 10/13/2020 Austin East 10/24/2020
10/9/2020 Student 10/7/2020 Albert Lea 10/17/2020
10/2/2020 Employee 9/28/2020 Austin East 10/12/2020
10/19/2020 Student 10/12020 Austin East 10/11/2020
10/5/2020 Student 9/17 &9/24/2020 Austin East 10/9/2020
9/23/2020 Student 9/21/2020 Austin West 10/6/2020
9/22/2020 Student 9/20/2020 Austin West 10/6/2020
9/17/2020 Employee 9/9/2020 Austin West & Albert Lea 9/30/2020
9/21/2020 Student 9/15/2020 Austin West 9/29/2020
9/18/2020 Student 9/15/2020 Austin East 9/29/2020
10/2/2020 Student 9/15/2020 Austin West 9/28/2020
9/18/2020 Student 9/15/2020 Austin West 9/28/2020
9/24/2020 Student 9/14/2020 Austin West 9/27/2020
9/21/2020 Student 9/15/2020 Albert Lea 9/27/2020
9/11/2020 Student 9/9/2020 Austin East/West & College Park Housing 9/25/2020
9/11/2020 Student 9/4/2020 Austin East & College Park Housing 9/20/2020
9/9/2020 Student 9/2/2020 Albert Lea 9/15/2020
9/9/2020 Student 9/4/2020 Austin East and West 9/14/2020
9/2/2020 Student 9/2/2020 Albert Lea 9/14/2020
8/21/2020 Student 8/18/2020 Austin East 8/31/2020
8/3/2020 Student 7/31/2020 Austin East 8/15/2020
7/12/2020 Student 7/8/2020 Austin West 7/22/2020
5/8/2020 Student 4/28/2020 Owatonna 5/12/2020

Data may be subject to change due to testing and reporting delays and verification.

In the event of an emergency (example: imminent and ongoing threat to campus safety or health) or at the direction of public health authorities, Riverland will follow our standard Emergency/Timely Campus Warning protocols specified under the Clery Act.  


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