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There’s a whole lot of uncertainty in today’s world, but one thing is certain:  Riverland is ready for you to when the new semester starts.  We are fully staffed, 100% operational and eager to welcome you.

We know that you have questions about what classes will look like next semester. Be assured that we are working hard to provide you with a variety of course delivery methods that will best suit your educational needs and learning preferences, while at the same time following social distancing protocol and CDC guidelines – because in addition to providing a best in class college education and experience, we are committed to making the safety of our students, staff and faculty a top priority.

Although things continue to change, we continue to follow our plan.  A plan that is flexible, safe, effective – and that meets your needs.  While we don’t have all the answers quite yet, we are committed to keeping you informed, keeping you safe, and keeping you on track to accomplish your college and career goals.   

We will continue offering three types of classes this upcoming semester, tailored to best suit your educational needs and your learning preference:

  • Online Anytime Courses: These are traditional online courses where you never have to come to campus and you log in when it works best for you to complete your coursework.
  • Online On a Schedule Courses: For these classes, you will login and join a live class session at the time indicated on the schedule, using distance learning technology to engage synchronously with your teacher and classmates.
  • Hybrid and Hy-Flex Courses: These courses will include a combination of some on-campus class time in groups of 25 or less and some distance learning to allow safe, flexible learning. Attend some of your class on-campus using social distancing and CDC protocol and attend some of your class online.       

Student Services Staff are available and ready to assist you with the admission process, financial aid and registering for classes.  All services are available online – and most services are also available on-campus.

Other Student Services include:

  • Tutoring
  • Student Life – student groups and organizations
  • Career & Pathway Advising
  • Counseling for personal needs
  • Accessibility Services

Although we have to be ready to change due to the pandemic, this doesn’t mean you should wait to apply to the college, apply for financial aid or register for your classes.  We encourage you to take those steps today. Remember – students services staff are ready and waiting to help you!

If changes are made we will share those updates with you so you’re in the loop based on the latest information.  Check out for the latest updates related to COVID 19. We are going to make it through this challenging time – because we care about you and your education.  Stay tuned for more updates over the coming weeks.  We look forward to welcoming both new and returning students to Riverland – in whatever course delivery method works best for you!

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