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There’s a whole lot of uncertainty in today’s world, but one thing is certain:  Riverland Community College is ready for you to start classes on August 24.  We are fully staffed, 100% operational and eager to welcome you for the fall semester.

We know that you have questions about what classes will look like when they begin in the fall. Be assured that we are working hard to provide you with a variety of course delivery methods that will best suit your educational needs and learning preferences, while at the same time following social distancing protocol and CDC guidelines – because we are committed to making the safety of our students, staff and faculty a top priority.

Although things continue to change, we have developed a plan.  A plan that is flexible, safe, effective – and that meets your needs.  While we are still busy making many plans, we are committed to keeping you informed, keeping you safe, and offering the best opportunity for every enrolled student to attain their academic and career goals in an ever-changing world.

We will be offering three types of classes this fall, tailored to best suit your educational needs and your learning preference:

  • Online Anytime Courses: These are traditional online courses where you never have to come to campus and you log in when it works best for you to complete your coursework. (sometimes called asynchronous online courses)
  • Online Set Time Courses: For these classes, you will login and join a live class session at the time indicated on the schedule, using distance learning technology to engage synchronously with your teacher and classmates.
  • On Campus with Hybrid and Hy-Flex Courses: These courses will include a combination of some on-campus class time in smaller social distanced groups and some distance learning designed for safe, flexible learning. For example, you may be on campus for your lab, attend your lectures by Zoom, and submit some of your assignments online.
    • Hybrid courses will be a combination of mostly online and some on campus meetings.

    • HyFlex courses will be a combination of mostly on campus meetings and some online learning components.

Student Services Staff are available and ready to assist you with the admission process, financial aid and registering for classes.  All services are available online – and on-campus with appointments.

Other Student Services include:

  • Tutoring
  • Student Life – student groups and organizations
  • TRIO Support Services
  • Career & Pathway Advising
  • Counseling for personal needs
  • Accessibility Services

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