The writing center

Riverland Community College's Writing Center helps students in all disciplines become more effective and more confident writers.  We believe that writing is a powerful tool not only for communicating existing ideas but also for discovering new ones; that learning to write is a life-long process; and that all writers benefit from sharing work in progress with knowledgeable, attentive readers.  Our methods - multi-faceted, flexible, and above all, collaborative - reflect our respect for the individual writer, whose talents, voice, and goals are central to all our endeavors.

Dedicated to RiverlandĀ“s pursuit of excellence in teaching and learning, the Writing Center offers

  • trained, supportive instructors who work one-on-one with students and with groups of students at all levels and in all disciplines through drop-in and scheduled sessions
  • workshops about academic writing
  • reference materials about academic writing
Stayed tuned!  There is more to come in the near future.....
  • trained, supportive peer tutors who will work one-on-one with fellow students
  • access to resources and to writing support on all campuses

Writing Hours Center

Mondays 9-11, 1-5
Tuesdays 11-2
Wednesdays 8-11, 1-3
Thursdays 10-1
Fridays 10-2:00
East Building Room N104

Contact Information

Marie Lechelt, Co-director

Office C135A AE

Karen Herreid, Co-director
Office: C135-J