Tuition Information

Fees assessed with Tuition

Parking/Access Fee
A parking/access fee is assessed on a per credit basis.  The proceeds from this fee are used to upgrade and maintain the college parking facilities, sidewalks, lighting, and campus roads.  Minnesota law requires public colleges to pay costs associated with construction, maintenance and operation of parking faculties.

Technology Fee
A technology fee is assessed for upgrading and maintains the technical infrastructure of the College.  The fees are used to provide or enhance student access to technology services such as email, computer centers, wireless networks.

MSCSA State Student Associate Fee
A Minnesota State College Student Associate fee of $.31 per credit is assessed for student-initiated programs.  (

Student Life Fee
A student life fee is used to pay for athletic department expenses, subsidized YMCA/health club memberships, program student clubs, field trips, Student Senates, graduation expenses and Intramurals.  A panel of students (two-thirds of the membership) and staff review Student Life budgets for the academic year.

Other fees: 

Application Fee
A $20 non-refundable application fee is due upon application.  If you have previously paid the $20 Riverland Community College application fee you are not required to do so again.

Late Fee
Payment in full for all tuition and fee charges must be paid by the payment due date indicated in the current class schedule or the account is subject to a $50.00 late free.
Students are expected to pay all accounts to the College when they are due.  Failure to receive a fee statement does not release the student from payment obligations.  The College is authorized to withhold the issuance of diplomas and official transcripts of credits and to deny students further registration until all accounts due the College have been paid.

Transcript Fee
A processing fee of $5.00 is charged for each official transcript requested.

Contact Information

Patty Hemann
Financial Aid Director

Julie Stadheim
Business Office