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Riverland’s Theatre Department is a high-energy, performance-oriented program, providing strong academic offerings and excellent hands-on learning opportunities for students of all experience levels.  Riverland Theatre produces four main stage productions each academic year:  one well-known classic musical, one contemporary musical, one modern or classic drama, and one modern or classic comedy.  Students are encouraged to get involved in all areas of theatre production including (but not limited to) acting, stage managing, set construction, and backstage crew. 

Students also have the opportunity to participate in Summerset Theatre, a community theatre company that has produced shows on campus since 1968.  Summerset mounts three full-scale productions each June and July, providing additional opportunities for students to gain hands-on theatrical experience.  Each summer, current students also have an opportunity to perform with Riverland theatre and music alumni in a production that raises funds for department scholarships.

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The Riverland Music Department is an active and vital presence in the college and its communities.  The department continues to grow in size and scope, offering a variety of courses, performances, opportunities, and concerts.  Some students involved in Riverland Music ensembles intend to be music majors; however participation is open to all students.  Riverland’s ensembles give regular performances throughout the state and region, and have appeared in Alice Tulley Hall (Lincoln Center), and Carnegie Hall.

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Theatre Instructor
Lindsey Williams

Scott Blankenbaker
Music Instructor