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Program Outcomes

  1. Demonstrate analytical skills in identifying and solving problems
  2. Understand contemporary behavior and apply human relations skills.
  3. Ability to develop and implement change strategies.
  4. Demonstrate leadership skills and identify approaches to motivation and to achieve a productive work environment.
  5. Apply marketing, management, and organizational theories in supervisory setting.
  6. Apply human resources management practices.
  7. Plan, prepare and deliver affective oral and written communications.
  8. Demonstrate financial management skills.
  9. Utilize current technology.
  10. Ability to apply strategies for customer-focused decisions to individual supervisory responsibilities that affect service, quality, and productivity.
  11. Demonstrate administrative management skills.
  12. Exercise creativity and innovation.
  13. Demonstrate interpersonal communication skills.
  14. Apply effective diversity strategies in the workplace.
  15. Understand the opportunities and challenges of globalization.











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Supervisory Management team members at 1-800-247-5039. 

Vicki Lunning  
ext. 3311