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Riverland Community College offers an accredited Supervisory Management program featuring business courses focused on leadership, quality and human resources.  This program offers professional development opportunities to newly promoted and soon-to-be promoted supervisors.  The program is designed to equip students with comprehensive supervisory skills to ensure their success in a supervisory role


  • Certificate programs (Leadership, Quality, Human Resources)
  • AAS in Supervisory Management
  • Transfer options to a four-year college
  • Articulation to Southwest Minnesota State University’s 2 + 2 Distance Learning Program where students can complete their Bachelor degree entirely online

Our Supervisory Management program has been in existence for nearly twenty years and remains one of our most sought after programs.  Classes are offered both in a classroom format and by contract.  Based on client preference, we have the ability to deliver contract training on one of three Riverland campuses or onsite at the client locations. Our seasoned team of adjunct instructors facilitates each course; each instructor possesses a diverse business background allowing them to bring real-world life experience to the classroom.

NEW To address the changing demographics of our students and to aid our students in attaining work/life balance we recently added an accredited online format, allowing students to complete their Supervisory Management studies ENTIRELY ONLINE. Online studies offer students flexibility, convenience and cost savings through reduced travel and childcare expenses. 
Although our online format is new, the program is an extension of an established, successful curriculum already offered in the traditional classroom setting that accommodates those learners who prefer the face-to-face interaction with an instructor.  Regardless of the delivery method, the program is designed with options to fit every lifestyle.


  • Staggered start dates   (ONLINE will move to a year round schedule in 2010 - 11)
  • Short modules of 1, 2 or 3 credits
  • Accelerated learning to accommodate the adult learner

In an accelerated learning classroom, the delivery of course content is abbreviated to take less time to complete.  Various instruction methods are also used to address the different learning styles of our adult learners. Students are expected to complete assigned pre-work prior to the class start so they will be fully engagement in discussions and activities during class.  Social networking during class fosters student engagement, professional sharing and collaboration both in and out of the classroom.
Technology plays a key role in engaging our students.  Riverland uses Desire2Learn (D2L) as a repository of classroom assignments and discussion as well as a communication tool between students, peers and instructors.  D2L plays an even greater role in our ONLINE course delivery; serving as the virtual classroom where students meet to learn. 
We believe that by offering our Supervisory Management program in a variety of venues (classroom, contract, and ONLINE) our students can enjoy the best of both worlds... maintaining their professional positions at their worksite and blending those responsibilities into a challenging and rewarding learning experience with their peers.
For more information on Riverland's Supervisory Management Program please contact one of the Supervisory Management team members at 1-800-247-5039. 
Vicki Lunning  ext. 3311 or

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Supervisory Management team members at 1-800-247-5039. 

Vicki Lunning  
ext. 3311